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Because the 'right now' changes the future.

At Koss Associates we bring the latest thinking in social science to your organizational challenges and apply it in practical ways. We believe that leaders can increase their emotional and psychological flexibility, and that workforce transformation is the new organizational capability.

We Specialize In...

Organizational Consulting:
Culture, Change, Integrations

Everything we do is customized, so bring us your challenges and we’ll design a world-class, tailored people-centered process to support the desired outcomes. 

Team Integration and Workout Sessions

We partner with you to help your team or group efficiently achieve the outcomes that matter to you.  

Leadership Development Programs – Executive or Managerial

We design and deliver experiential development programs using the current moment as the best teacher.  We support  leaders to become dramatically more self/other/system-aware and more globally-adept agents of change. 

Team and Individual Coaching

We support teams and individuals to identify opportunities for increased self-awareness and reach their desired goals. 

Meet the Koss Associates...

Our global team brings together Gestalt-trained, trusted professionals with specialized understanding of the dynamics of business within global and culturally diverse work environments to provide you with tailored, effective, local-language solutions.
English, Spanish, and French
Rita Jokay
and English
Yen Kai
Beáta Máté
and English
and English
and Swedish

These principles guide how we do business:

We are partners in the work. We believe in collaboration in achieving our client’s goals. We do not consider ourselves “work for hire” as much as strategic partners whereby together with our clients we find solutions based on our respective experiences and strengths. In turn, we count on our clients to help us tell others about our work.

We believe the most effective and lasting solutions are always those our clients can adopt and carry forward without us. We are always looking to embed our work in the organization, whether it’s via coaching leaders, sharing methodologies, or creating or leveraging processes and tools.

A high-level of diversity / equity / inclusion / belonging 

represent the greatest growth potential in groups.  Skilled leadership and facilitation in these contexts is the most powerful ways to accelerate learning and ensure success within an organization's ecosystem, as well as in the world.

Words must match action. We call this personal integrity. We believe in doing outstanding work and subscribe to the ethical standards in the consulting profession. Founder Lisa Koss has earned Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) status awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA. Less than 1% of all consultants have achieved this certification.

A Coaching Skillset and Mindset

“The goal of this book is to make the case – and provide the tools – to become more than a manager, but a ‘manager-coach’, which will reflect both a skillset and mindset. Coaching is a skillset because the coaching process is eminently learnable and applied; you’ll learn a set of 7 steps that will guide your conversation. Through experimentation you’ll discover and improve a critical skillset and discover your own coaching style. At the same time, there’s significant nuances to be aware of given that multiple, complex elements are being navigated simultaneously, including the relationships, learning, and emotions that come with change.

Coaching is also a mindset because coaching skills work best when aligned to corresponding, underlying principles. At the broadest level, for example, the model has embedded the principles of democratic decision-making, participatory social interactions, individual empowerment, personal/professional development, and mutual reliance and accountabilities. (Note, coaching can work in any society, but living in an environment of free speech, for example, makes it easier for one to get one’s needs met.) Let’s look at several core mindsets that you’ll see explained in more detail throughout the chapters of the book…”

-- Excerpt from Leading for Learning: How Managers Can Get Business Results Through Developmental Coaching and Inspire Deep Employee Commitment by Lisa J Koss (2021)

"Lisa’s superb interpersonal and cross-cultural skills allowed her to quickly master the performance and morale challenges facing the client’s Latin American division, gather the required information first-hand discretely, and help us compile the results in a methodical manner. She proved very effective in working seamlessly as part of our core team, both in helping to design interview approaches and in face-to-face meetings with the client in headquarters and in the field. Our findings drew strong reviews from our client, which has already engaged us for a follow-up assignment. Lisa’s contribution garnered specific praise from the client, who has asked that she be included in the follow-up. Lisa is very quick on her feet, has great facilitation skills, and is a strong team player who is always looking for winning solutions for the client."

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