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Our Experience and Expertise
Are In These Areas

An Innovative Solution for
Building Employee Engagement...

Manager-as-Coach I & II 

An online or in-person

 interactive experience for people leaders.


Manager quality is one of the primary drivers of retention and engagement. Skilled coaching accelerates results, drives accountability and further engages others in ways that leverage discretionary effort.


Manager-as-Coach is an intensive and highly interactive 2-day 
group experience for people managers led by professional coach-facilitators. The goal of the program is to give managers a practical, hands-on coaching method that enables transformation of routine problem solving into employee development, and to develop leadership and management skills. Our coaching model emphasizes employee engagement, emotional intelligence, reducing resistance, and influence skills. Highly experiential, the program emphasizes practice with significant facilitator and peer feedback designed to impart or deepen self-awareness and leadership range.

"I used the MAC methodology to resolve an issue of an individual providing project data on a monthly basis. An interesting point was that I went in with the pre-conceived notion but your approach enabled a productive conversation where we got aligned in a positive manner and we have a commitment to deliver project data on time in the future. "


– Jamie Lussier, PMP Director, PMO – Xylem Analytics

Organizational Consulting:
The Human Side of Integrations, Mergers, Acquisitions

The high rate of failure of organizational initiatives (transformations, mergers, acquisitions, integrations) is rarely due to lack of vision or a lack of business synergy.  It’s the failure to integrate on the people side of things.


The impact on key talent, employee engagement, morale, and lost productivity is massive. We address the cultural and human elements by supporting the important topics and processes that build awareness, identify needs and wants, and increase trust.


Whether you are looking for ways to align, merge or harmonize, bring us your integration challenges and we’ll custom-design a world-class, people-centered process to support your desired outcome. 

"Due to your contributions during the merging of the two divisions, the staff started to work more as a team and subsequently reduced the time for new product introduction process by at least 25%, reduced the lead time response by at least 30%, and consolidated our different quality systems into one for the whole campus. This would not have been possible without you.- direct, honest, simple, open to hear others, committed to what you do, a person with integrity."

– Teo Ortiz, Project Manager, Pentair Tech Products, MX

Leadership Development Programs: Executive or Managerial

We design and deliver customized, experiential development programs support leaders to become dramatically more globally-adept agents of change.


Organizations need skilled leaders who are simultaneously strategic, adaptive, creative, relational and emotionally-competent.  But “bringing one’s whole self to work” to benefit organizational stakeholders requires courage - and a nurturing learning context.


The Executive Development Program (EDP) is something special:  a customized, experiential learning laboratory designed for organizations who have a diverse group of change leaders who want to develop themselves to challenge the status quo in and across the enterprise.

'Experiential' leadership development is recognized as the optimal learning methodology: learning-by-doing. Over the course of 10-12 months, a diverse group of leaders will experiment like never before, learning their own patterns and testing their assumptions to dramatically increase perspective, insight, clarity, and leadership ability. 


Organizations can expect to enjoy engaged and motivated leaders who become more inspired to embrace and thrive within the shifting, complex, diverse post-pandemic world we live in.  Significant benefits from this program will be realized by clients who are interested in harnessing their leaders’ experience and creativity to accelerate the transformation of their organizations and bring positive change to the world. 

Team Integration and Workout Sessions

We partner with you to identify outcomes that matter to you, and then design an engaging experience to help your team or group efficiently achieve them.  We’re highly experienced at linking business objectives to group outcomes.


In what ways does your team want to better integrate: Remote and in-person?  Perform strategically and pragmatically? Become a high-functioning team? Build significantly more trust? 


We’re told we bring positive energy to every engagement. This stems from our inherent optimism, our belief in our clients’ interest and desire to improve, and our respect for our clients.

"I was able to get every single person engaged and everybody participated. It felt I just made an incredible positive turn around to this situation, a complete swing on the project, and now we have come up with a plan to present all the work that we have done to the managerial steering committee in a week from now.  I want to thank you for helping me getting to this point. I’m so happy!"


– Karina Castro, IPG Americas Finance, HP Inc.

Team and Individual Coaching

We support teams and individuals to identify opportunities for increased self-awareness and reach desired goals. 

"I want you to know that you have had a profound impact on me."

– Stacy Spencer, Vice President of Sales | Strategic & Global Accounts, Mercury Systems, Inc.

Our Clients and Case Studies

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Other clients include: Alticor Inc., Arizona Public Service, Arizona Society of CPA’s, Asociación de Relaciones Industriales de Occidente A.C., Berlitz, Biogen Idec, BP, City of Dubuque, Concord Battery Corporation, Coventry Homes, Del Webb Corporation, Ernst & Young, France Telecom, HP,  Honeywell, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios, Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), MacMillan Guardiana S.A. de C.V., Quarles & Brady Law, Sociedad Piedra Sierra S.A. de C.V., Thunderbird School of Global Management, Universidad Panamericana

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