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Brenda B. Jones

English language


Brenda B. Jones is an OD scholar-practitioner based in the United States and in addition to the Americas, has worked in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Brenda is Vice President of the Lewin Center for Social Change, Action and Research, past president of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavior Science, past Board Chair for OD Network, a 2012 Outstanding Graduate from Gestalt OSD Center and a 2011 recipient of the Organization Development Network’s (ODN) Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a consultant, Brenda has worked with clients in the areas of organizational strategic change processes in groups and large systems, leadership development, executive coaching, the development of consultants and managing culturally diverse organizations. Her energies are directed toward creating a planned, systemic process in which business and organizational principles and practices are applied to improve all levels of systems integrating both the human and business sides of the organization.

She is a frequent presenter at OD conferences, a member of IODA (International Organization Development Association) and the Academy of Management. Brenda has served as co-steward of the Organization Development, Leadership and Change Community of Practice in NTL. She was on the faculty of the AU/NTL Masters Degree Program in Organization Development for 16 years, the Organization and Systems Development (OSD) Program at the Gestalt OSD Center in Cleveland, OH, Georgetown University Certificate Program and assisted in the delivery of a course on Interpersonal Dynamics at the Stanford School of Business.

Brenda has contributed articles to a number of publications and is co-editor with Michael Brazzel, a best seller in OD: The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change. (Jossey Bass 2006; John Wiley 2014). In 2014 edition of The NTL Handbook, she wrote the chapter entitled, “A Framework for Change: Capacity, Capability and Competency” and with Mary Ann Rainey, she co-wrote “Use of Self as an OD Practitioner”. Her thinking and writing focuses on the application of the Applied Behavioral Sciences and Gestalt as theory bases for organizations and systems, effective leadership, the dynamics of the T-group experience and an examination and connection of the concepts of capacity, capability and competency in relationship to sustainable organizational change.

Brenda earned her MS in Applied Behavioral Science from The Johns Hopkins University. Her BA degree in Business is from the College of Notre Dame in Maryland where she taught courses in business and management. She is a graduate of the Gestalt OSD Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and The Hopkins Fellows Program in Organization and Community Systems at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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